In India, Many Houses have inbuilt Temple at their homes or have a traditional value of creating a temple either in the premises or in the house itself. Temples glass now have created it’s placed in many a household. due to its variety of customized treatments and processes, designers and beautiful temples are manufactured.

The use of glass started with having it as a partition and door, which now has been extended to a full glass temple.

Many Treatments like acid cold Crystal Work, Itching Work, Grooving work and Colour work can be added in a temple glass. Transparent and semi-Transparent work adds a new dimension. Further to that sacred religious symbol or a picture of good is possible to add.

Normally the size of the temple of the glass can be stretched up to 6 to 8” ft but with a thickness of at least 10 to 12 mm. also toughened process is advisable for a longer run.

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