Laminated Glass Consists of two or more layers of float glass, sandwiched together by a strong resin. The sandwich Structure of laminated Glass gives excellent protection against such as Accidents, Noise, Thermal Protection, UV Rays, Burglaries, etc.

The Maximum Size of Laminated glass is 2.5M X 4.5M (98” X 177″). We can use 4mm to 12mm thickness glasses as per customer requirement. We can do double-layer lamination or triple-layer lamination. We can do all float glass, mirror, Low E Glass, and Soft-coated. We can laminate with glass fabric, metal mesh, leaves, shells, stone, marble, etc. many interlayers in different colors like white, black, frosted, etc. We can also do Sentry Glass. Sentry Glass applications where high-performance glass is required, such as security and structural glazing, bomb blast ballistics, and marine vessels.

Feature & Advantages Laminated 

  • Even When Broken, The Glass Remains Firmly attached to the interlayers eliminating the risk of injury by flying small pieces of glass.
  • It reduces noise and heat transmission and helps to maintain the premises cool and silent.
  • 99% UV Rays Filtering discoloration of furnishings.
  • Better Resistance to moisture at open edges.
  • It can not be cut through without being attacked from both sides.
  • Doesn’t Delamination, Bubble, or Haze.
  • 5 times stronger than toughened glass.