Glass name plates

It is all about creating an impression and glass based name plate are quite fit to the idea. Glass Name Plate can offer a wide variety of various other elements to support the creativity of the name plate.

Most regular size for the name plates are 12” x 18”, and ofcourse they can be prepared as per the customer demand. Glass name plates can be prepared combining other materials like wood + Glass, Acrylic + Glass, Wood + Acrylic + Glass etc. Adding color, design, stylish fonts, background can be clubbed.

Few things to be taken care when the name plate is supposed to be fixed at an outer wall and that too if the sunlight is direct. Only crystal work & Acid work is advisable without using colour, as they may fade due to sunlight. Whereas at an interior place color and other elements supports well.

The best part of glass name plates are it doesn’t gets decoloured OR fades with the time.