DGU Glass

The Insulated glass is a prefabricated unit made of two or more glass panes, which have been separated by an air gap and edge-sealed together. This edge seal not only binds the individual sheets of glass together to maintain the mechanical strength of the joint but also protects the space between the glass from outside influences. The air enclosed between the two glass panes is dried with a desiccant. Because of the low heat conductivity of the enclosed dry air between the glass panes, heat transmission through the window is drastically reduced. Tempered, Laminated, reflective, low-E, tinted or clear glass can be used.

  • Maximum size 2430mm X 3048 mm. (Please check with us for larger sizes)
  • Filled with dry air (conventional) or Argon (for better thermal) or SF6 (better acoustical).
  • Shaped DGU’s also available.
  • Bent DGU is also available on special request